• alisdaire_ocaoimph 10w

    Hungary 1944

    The mass extermination of a people, a race, a Creed, a faith. War always has it's horrors, but seldom is it so profoundly Evil..as in the case of the Jews...as in the case of the Combodians, as in the case in Africa
    There must come a point where we end this.

    I saw them hung
    Upon hallows ten
    Swinging legs searching
    Solid ground
    Where all in the town jeered
    Laughed, mocked
    Where screams echoed
    From woods
    Where solder's laughed
    Awaited turns
    Ending in shots
    That screamed evil,
    Of men and women stripped
    Forced into ditches
    To the screams of fire
    I saw hell's Gates open
    And Satan in SS uniform
    Cover red the sod
    Of God's own.
    I saw hell's wrath
    Gather by the thousands
    Every butchered child
    Every hacked to death women
    And baby's tossed in to air
    The bayonet game
    And there where they stood
    Awaiting their end
    I heard the Shema prayer

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph

    (Never to be forgotten)