• suchetadutta 10w

    Ocean of love

    When the blue ambit meets the sky,
    The other end of the ocean can't be seen.
    The briny aroma fills the magistic air,
    And swims over the gentle breeze.

    The eyes of the ocean feels like a lie,
    Swimming everywhere with arms full of love,
    Eyes of waves trying to dwell high,
    Floating around in an ocean of warmth and care.

    Seagulls soar over the sky,
    The sun shines and gleams,
    While fancy visitors watches the beauty,
    Smiling , laughing and playing over the beach.

    The ocean is a lovely gift by God to us.
    It can lure us into it like a masterpiece.
    The tune that it holds,
    And an undeniable beauty hard to believe.