• willow923 23w

    Title- Noone dost dare to take a ride, deep thro the blue seas, where mine poems hide
    Picture is my eye ��������
    Word meanings-
    Dost- does
    Thro- through
    Mine- my
    Twixt- between
    Orbs- eyes
    Thee- you
    Mi amour- my love
    Thro - through
    Thine- yours

    Thank you in advance for anyone liking or sharing this ��

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    Whom shalt dare, to step on in,
    twixt mine pearly orbs, beyond
    mine sin; go ahead, it's fine, i
    won't hurt thee, it'll be alright.
    Get ready for the journey to
    the center of mine core, its
    ok please say those words
    O' mi amour. Swim thro mine
    iris, sink in mine many colors,
    come on in, dance and walk
    slowly; please don't hide,
    go deeper inside these
    eyes and feel me inside
    out, make me thine. And
    i beg thee to paint mine
    orbs red, with thy life
    blood I want to live.

    © Brandon nagley