• _rachita 35w

    In my dreams

    I'll meet you in my dreams.

    I'll give you those butterflies.
    I'll be the source of your momentary joys.
    I'll be sad in your sorrows.
    I'll give you my precious time.
    I'll make you YOU.
    I'll be the one to give you hopes.
    I'll be THE ONE.
    I'll love you like no one ever loved me.
    then I'll walk away.
    then I'll be YOU.
    then I'll keep you hanging.
    and You'll be left wanting.
    You'll be scarred for life.

    But I'll stop thinking
    I'll wake up from my dream.
    I wanna be ME.
    I'll be ME.
    I'm waking up from my dream.
    I woke up.
    and I just prevented a sin.