• shine_ning 9w

    Close eyes ,awake mind with a broken heart in a middle of the night
    You'll think she's sleeping but her minds wandering and her heart was bleeding ,yes it s bleeding
    It bleeds and she badly want to plead ,plead for her freedom
    A freedom not like a prisoner in a cell want to have after committing a crime but a freedom to express herself , a freedom to share what she feels what she thinks, A freedom to show who she really is and a freedom to love but how can she achieve this freedom if everybody just want to judge her
    Nobody wants to believe and listen to her
    She want freedom and get out of the cell ,her own cell a cell thats keeping her because of her fear ,she can't fight her own fear ,her own war ,own battle and can't fight her only opponent which is herself.Look she wants to fly but her fear stops her she's so afraid and in her mind."if I fly I might fall and no one's there to catch me"she's a prisoner of her own a slave of herself ,She's afraid to try ,so afraid to fly because of those people who drag her down how can someone fly when everybody just want to see her lying with a meaningless life .She have this fear not because she's weak but she's scared that flying might be the reason that she can't be able ���� have the freedom. These what fear can do to a person ,our own fear will eat us .Why can't she fight her fear? What is she afraid of? .She can't fight her own fear because there's so many things and many people discriminate her credibility who look down of her the reason she looks down herself ,She's afraid of everybody even afraid to herself She's afraid to be judged ,to be cast by those she loved ,to be discriminated and she's sick so sick of it so sick of everyone.In this world full of judgemental creature She or should I say ,I ,I want to spread my wings and fly high ,higher but I can't cause I'm wounded ,wounded by your words those words you throw Everytime I make my mistakes words like a dagger or a knife ,Everyone was more than of what they are and I am more than this I am more than of what you see I am more and I want you all to see not only a better version of me but the best me .Right now I can't get out of this cell ,I can't fight my own fear ,I can't fly with this wounded wings ,I can't fight my only opponent and I can't be the best me but one day I can finally say "I can and I will" when the times right ,when I'm ready ,when God will tell me I can and I will spread this wonderful wings and you'll see me smiling and flying higher , higher and higher because this what I deserved this what I supposed to do someday, I'll be able to fly ,I'll fly I can fly higher than this and I'll look down all of you watching me achieving my happiness and out of my cell out of my fear ,I've won my battles and war and beaten up my opponent you'll see Not now.but someday somehow

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