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    When my ethereal beauty paraded my secret aisle
    I was left dazed by her mystical eye
    Her chestnut coloured tresses soaring by celestial caress
    Her electric blue eyes held galaxies of finesse
    Her gentle touch healing every terrestrial wounded soul
    Her dainty cherry lips speaking wavelengths of
    Wisdom and folly
    Her name was a rarity in a realm of constellations
    We shared a cosmic connection, wherein she fed my soul with mysteries and illusions
    She was an alchemist
    An elixir of beauty and brains
    She charmed me with her portions,theories,mixtures and vials
    And left me wishing for her upon a shooting ��

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    Thank q mam for encouraging us always.... ❤
    Happy writing folks!

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    Tq folks for the repost which means encouragement to move ahead n that's means a lot a great start Tq ��

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    My celestial princess