• mz_grinnage87 50w


    I'm so confused
    I can no longer tell
    What is right and what's wrong
    Life is now seeming like a
    Long make-up-as-you-go-along song
    I don't know my next words
    Hell, i didn't even expect today
    I feel like, maybe
    Karma is in action or
    There's a blessing in the works
    But right now i don't know
    If I've been blessed or cursed
    Where did I go wrong?
    What part of life have I overlooked?
    I'm stuck at a fork in the road
    Waiting for a coin to drop
    On either heads or tails
    I'm going to the fortune teller
    There's a witches spell in the mix
    My mind is so overloaded
    My heart is so distraught
    Feels like my body's overdosed
    On hate, hurt, and lies
    I'm unsure of who to turn to
    Eveyone's in disguise
    My life's a f*cked up Hunger Games
    And my defeat is the grand prize
    So which way do i turn
    Knowing i may get burnt either side
    Who can I trust
    If my secrets are placed on display
    I feel a tugging on my left side
    And a tugging on my right
    I wish my brain and heart
    Will soon make up their mind
    I'm unsure of the world
    And if I could ever possibly fit here
    I'm uncertain of the future
    Now it's no longer clear
    I'm unsure of so much
    Except for one thing
    I am broken from deep within
    I need help for my mind bathes in sin
    For once in my life make me sure of something
    Even if it's someone loving me