• seveneyesoflight 22w

    Last call.i see you 17 real love is felt

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    To who it may concern

    I give my all for so little
    It fills my heart when you are near
    I think I am doing good
    Yet my heart reveals a tear
    In this time of growing
    My essence is but a light
    I wonder where I'm going
    And where you are tonight
    I feel the loss of wisdom
    It's leaving me confused
    I live in the only place I know
    A world of harsh conclusions
    But do you really know
    How much you are extracting
    From my heart and from my soul
    You think you see the truth
    But are you that concerned
    One minute we are connected
    The next you up and go
    So in this life I wonder
    Like I leaf upon the breeze
    Afloat and on the mercy
    Of your wind of your beliefs
    I hope I travel to you
    And find my place in life
    Or figure out why you
    Hurt me like a knife
    All my blood is usefull
    To fill up all your dreams
    It pours out profusely
    In rivers and in streams
    If you ever cared and
    If you have the heart
    Use my love wisely
    And bridge this time apart
    I will not get over
    Or drift on any breeze
    To you I am connected
    In life and with my heart
    It is my only time now
    To wonder if you care
    Be the things you told me
    come back and show you care
    I leave you with one question
    And ask you from my core
    Do you have the courage
    To continue with my love
    Or run to what you think
    Is just my pool of blood?
    I live your lie every minute you are gone
    But silence is all I get
    The answer to my question
    Is why you just don't quit.