• dethdroogie 23w

    Poison was the cure

    A base line plucking,
    The beats of a snare drum growing louder,
    My wife turns to me and tells me she wants to kill herself,
    My heart pounds.
    I am speechless and I don’t know how to respond.
    The anger brews inside of me.
    But why? I know why but I cannot accept it or understand it.
    Life is a constant battle against the nothing.
    She rather have nothing than to keep suffering and struggling.
    Her pain is constant and there is nothing I can do
    What advice do I offer?
    Do I just tell her not to worry and to let the angels embrace her when the time comes?
    Do I hold her hand and speak of a God that will save us?
    They are just all words.
    The darkness is real and it is consuming her
    The light in her life being engulfed by it.
    Do I shake her and scream, “Fight!”
    I have seen her fight every single day,
    In every battle,
    but her sword has become heavy.
    I finally look at her after all these thoughts
    Our eyes meeting and our tears connecting us
    The salty taste permeates my lips as I speak,
    “Please don’t go without me.”