• the_aj 5w

    A Phase

    I'm changing....
    Positively or negatively ??
    I don't know !!
    But I'm changing gradually.

    The things that used to be my goals,
    Now seem useless to me.
    And those who are NOW with me physically, Can't help me !
    Other than adding to my misery grastically.

    I'm changing gradually.

    I'm having a PHASE in life where I'm changing my habits, my priorities, my comfort zones.
    Maybe this is the result of the change in the surroundings.
    Though it didn't affect me much physically
    But it RUINED me mentally.

    I'm changing gradually.

    Earlier back in my home town -
    None of my friends did frown
    When I talked to them
    About any problem, they taught me there's noone to blame.

    NOW I'm having problems like hell
    And don't have anyone HERE worthy to spell
    If I tell,
    They'll yell.

    I miss my old friends-
    For, Whenever I fell !
    They made a counterspell
    And saved me from problems that made me kneel.
    I'm changing gradually , because I'm MISSING my old friends like hell.