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    Yes! now I can see your sublime smile!
    That might have been long lingered,
    In-between the dilemma of the dawn and the dusk,

    Now I can feel your purest presence!
    That seemed eternally exiled,
    In-between the land of the diluvium and the draught.

    Now I can smell your finest fragrance!
    That was perhaps tyrannically trapped,
    In-between the basket of the broil and the bliss.

    Now I can hear your virtuous voice!
    That was perhaps selfishly suffocated,
    In-between the cell of the heaven and the hell.

    Now I can inhale your bewildering breath!
    That was perhaps silently sentenced,
    In-between the arena of the scent and the stench.

    Now I can absorb your rapturous rhyme!
    That was perhaps enticingly etherized,
    In-between the reedy rhythm of the Prose and the Poesy.


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