• misspetite 32w


    "I once believe that all the words you told me were real. I thought you mean it when you said 'you are so special to me'. I thought you mean it when you told me 'please don't walk away'. When you said you wanted a future with me, i once believe that it was your realest dream. So when you said distance makes it harder, my whole soul was in a big confusion. When you said things seems to part us apart, i didnt understand why you gave up. I was breathing in sham upon the earthly air heavily, as i wondered why deity made our fault bursting like a dying star? Life wasnt easy for me because world seems hurting me intentionally. Until one day i realized,

    'maybe all the words were lies. Maybe he never meant it as much as i thought.'

    Oddly enough, my breath is lighter, and i am happier.