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    A cup of coffee with the devil.

    Lounging beneath the blue skies that are ready to change their clothes into grey..... Sun that's breathing the air polluted with dreams 95% and stardust 5%, like cigar in monsoon, turns red while choking. I brew some coffee, get my head in the phone to find some controversies on god and devil. Why, aren't they same? The concept of god and devil begins with some unacceptable, yet widely accepted words called fate and destiny. While I take my head out of the phone, I see the shadow, wearing a black suit, waiting to talk to me. Well, he wanted to talk to me, introduced himself as the devil. To begin with fate and end with destiny isn't easy. Karma adds up and makes the journey slow. He said, what you believe is what is going to happen. Is it true?

    Letters from the dead star

    The devil vanished. Yet, some sort of assurance was given that, the air polluted is still having 95% dreams. While it had to be 50-50. My eyes landing over some envelopes that appeared after the devil left. They were the letters from the dead stars. So, stars are dead? Fine. Then who sent these letters? Letters written by the stars before they died? No way! So letters of stars said - "Behave. Your thoughts are polluting the air. The atmosphere layers were enough, why are you humans thinking so much that the air gets polluted?" I gasped. So, is this what the lifeless stars think about life? Fine, next - " what you learn, see or hear, whatever you believe, happens. So think well. Do not overthink, edit, re-do and get to bad decisions. Believe the light that you see, from us. You might be receiving our light after many lightyears. Do you know are we still alive? No right? Then pass on the light! You fool!" Am I fool? Forget it!

    Polaroids of shadows

    Again, the letters disappear! Why and where do these come from? The hell! Wait. The hell? No way! Sometimes, shadows on a bright sunny day are even more gorgeous and perfect for a click than a beautiful face. Isn't your existence marked by shadows? Then. My polaroids of shadows do speak something. Reminds me how my body reflects happiness through a mere shadow. Now, those shadows grow long, when sunrays fall on it. Making me want to have that happiness for long and more of it! Phew.

    5:33 a.m.
    Soul's hike

    Reserving late-nights for some thoughts, I give up. But. Where should I start from? Crestfallen hope, shattered in pieces screams to be given some time. What kind of thoughts can darkness bring? Waking up at 5:30 in the morning to see the sunrise and think about how to start the day, the ikigai that's necessary.... Can we think about it? Rearranging the thoughts. The word soul has an affinity for negative thoughts and images. God sends spirit. They say. That's the spirit! And a spirit seeks to rise above the entanglements of life and death. Someone's spirit gives more information about them rather than their so(le)ul thoughts! Thoughts are dangerous, they're like books that get the dust (negativity) over them within no time. You never know when hope is replaced with fear. Don't give it the time. Whatever comes into your heart is necessary. Brain can take over the lead! Isn't it?


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