• themaverickwriter 5w

    Out in the balcony, the sky was growing dark,
    I kept my legs on the rails, and settled watching stars
    The faint aroma of coffee still hung around,
    made romance with my half-smoked cigarette...
    Gleaming skyscrapers and the grey-black clouds,
    There were no stars, but roars of wheels, pacing the darkness...
    I was in search of peace, rearranging my thoughts..
    Then I got stuck on thoughts of him, and suddenly everything disappeared..
    I got chained to those memories, page by page, unfolding the chapters
    I got scattered, and I roamed in and out, gathering the darkness
    And it made me crave for his presence, his smell and his voice..
    I couldn't resist, tears rolled down my cheeks
    Thoughts were creeping up, but then this wind came out of nowhere..
    It brushed my face, rescuing me from getting hurt, from bruises and scars..
    I came back to the reality, things were all same, pretty much dope..