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    Last they saw her disappearing beneath her cover,
    For them, she was hiding form this world,
    The fact unknown: she was a nature lover,
    Escaping into a new world.

    She wore blue translucent hues,
    Iced with little chosen snowflakes,
    And a pendant on neck of the perfectly cut cubes, finished with drops of dews,
    Floating across the frozen lakes.

    She dragged and dragged up the hill,
    Every step she surpassed her own will, A bag full of hurts, lies and pain;
    Regrets, hatred and even her shame

    Stood at the very top-edge,
    Looking at the world from another eye,
    No longer with the hinder of a hedge,
    Threw all that she had treasured and kept.

    The cloth flew away towards for what it was made,
    All that was kept, awry to life again,
    As beautiful butterflies dancing round her like a palisade,
    With her ambitions and a will too elan.

    She reformed with heavy innocence and eagerness,
    Crowned with care of every insect,
    She was now the new nature's Princess.


    #thanks to kynisha for sharing her thoughts ....
    #princess of nature

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