• teenwrites2001 10w

    Once you are in the circle of happiness,you never want to come out of it .No matter how hard it takes,you never want to loose it.
    Even if its wrong,you keep taking it further,afterall all its your happiness.But we tend to forget,happiness extracted from people is temporary and no matter how much you try,it doesn't last forever.
    Therein was a mistake done by someone.Therein goes a girl into a relationship because she was happy speaking to the other person but never felt love.Things did not work out inspite of efforts being put in because feelings were never taken a count,only happiness did.
    At last when, inspite of getting all the happiness ,she brokeup and got broke too as happiness that she got out of that relationship couldn't last any longer.
    Therefore,its rightly said don't extract happiness in a way isn't meant to be.