• juanmendez 5w

    Lol I have over 150 posts in my account and still I haven't got any writing badge or whatever that thing is called, I mean I know I don't write anything everyday maybe because I don't feel like it's my duty or something to write and post things, I kinda think that writing is my anchor and it's the only thing which keeps me from going insane or in depression. I just write all the thoughts or feelings which I think needs to be written down, I haven't posted everything i wrote, i mean that's obvious, there are some personal or maybe cheesy stuffs which I don't like to post but yeah I don't really write anything daily, even if I try to it's like some barrier is present in my mind which doesn't let me write until it's the right time lol. Ion really. But anyways that's it, thanks if you read all this stupid stuff, I wish you a goodnight or day, or whatever time you're reading at.
    {And sorry for the picture ;)}

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