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    In the meantime, Luka was playing his guitar singing," today, when they my plan succeeds, I will be happy for the rest of my life, I will be happy for forever!!! Oooooooh ooh ohh ...... *Sigh* I wonder what she replies!"
    Then he puts his guitar in the guitar bag, and wears it and went out.
    Ivan said to James," so, what's the plan?"
    "Still figuring out!! Tch.... What should we do?" Was the reply.
    "Tell him the truth"
    "Say what? Are you insane?" Said James loudly.
    "EVEN IF WE LIE, ITS GOING TO BE WORSE IN THE END, let's choose the decision which we will regret least!"
    "Huh? You done with copying that regret quote?"
    "Tch, it's pretty much true, so that's why, we should tell him the truth--"
    "Tell who the truth?" Said someone who appeared to be standing behind James and Ivan. They turned and saw it was Luka. James said," Luka?(this can't be any worse! Did he heard our conversation?!)"
    "So, what happened? What did she said? And I don't know who you guys were talking about, I don't plan to either! So, tell me tell me tell me!!!"
    Ivan and James got afraid, both looks at each other than James said," uh... Well, ( damn, just when I was about to come up with a plan, why did he showed up??!!!)"
    Ivan said with a serious face," she answered that she thinks of you as a friend!"
    James looks at Ivan with amazed face thinking," what did you do Ivan? You idio--" then looks at luka face.
    Luka was smiling with a little blush, he said," she thinks of me as a friend huh? Then she loves me! Bcz,.....no girl can be open to her feelings!!! Now, I am full of confidence! I won't mess up wih my words now! Haha!! True love!!"
    Listening to Luka, Ivan and James were speechless, Ivan whispered," um.... What's goin on? Juleka was serious wasn't she? She didn't had any blushes!"
    " Shut up! You told him the truth! Now, what will happen when Juleka rejects him? Juleka was so damn with a serious face!" Whispered James.
    Luka kept his hand at Ivan and James shoulder and said," good job you guys! You really are my best friends, now, I am going! Wait, why are you guys here in a place like this?"
    "Um.. well... Nevermind!" Said Ivan. Then luka goes to park. Ivan and James looks at each other then James slaps Ivan at his back and said," tch! What do we do?!"
    "Sit and watch! What else!".
    Luka was just about to reach the park and saw Juleka sitting talking to someone at phone. Luka smiles and thought," ok luka, you don't have to be nervous, just repeat the lines which you were repeating the whole night! You just have to repeat those line, ok, be confident luka, be confident!"
    Then he walks towards her, reaches her, then she was on phone said," huh? Wh....at?...! You said....?!" Juleka was full of blushes then saw luka and cancelled the phone. She said," oh, hey Luka! What's up?!"
    "Nothing much!! Just came here to spend some times with you" said Luka with a happy face.
    "Oh, I see ( with me?) "
    "Let's grab icecream?" Luka said.
    " Oke!" Was the answer.
    " Remember? First time we met, that day, we bought icecream from here!"
    "Yeah! How can I forget that?!"
    "I am really thankful and grateful that I met you" said Luka with little blushes.
    " Thanks, same here!" Juleka said normally.
    The shopkeeper gave them icecreams, they went to seat and seated themselves. They were eating the icecream silently.
    Then Luka said," Juleka..."
    "You know.... The first day we met, we didn't knew each other that well, and when you heard about my father, you cheered me up, it was like you knew me from a long time.... And after what happened to my mother, you cheered me again! Thank you Juleka! (Ok, now repeat those line)
    You know......"
    Juleka was looking at Luka thinking," is he... Gonna..."
    He continued," Juleka, you give me reason to wake up, because, you are the most extraordinary girl I have ever met,
    clear as a musical note,
    sincere as a melody,
    you are the song that's been playing inside my head since the day we first met, I.... Love you Juleka!"

    ----------------To be continued-------------
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    Can't let you go
    Part 30