• theyoungpoet 9w

    That hint of hope that you can rebuild from the moment you left from.
    But that’s never the world plans because everything move forward with or without you. That glimmer of hope that you can slot right into the place you left.im not bothered I’m kidding myself. Because really I thought one day I’d have my time and I get what I wanted. Life couldn’t be so easy and it always has to be full of twist and turns. But I give up now. My energy no longer needs to be held here. Because something that is stagnant should be cut off. I will sever my ties. Someone else wins the prize and I admit defeat. Mad how you kid yourself you have a chance to aspire for something that never belonged to you. Imagine a stranger I met and if I known the impact you’d have on me when we first met I would have laughed. Feels like you know me inside out and i wish I hadn’t made myself vulnerable to you . Cause your a stranger with my memories and some of my secrets. I wish I didn’t let you get to know me so deeply. You blur my reality with your presence. Your a match i lit that is a memory etched and slowly it spreads within my psyche .