• geniuspoetry 6w

    IKÚ (death)

    You are a bastard!
    I crave to meet your father
    And avenge the loss of my sister...

    Please answer me
    If you are not a coward:
    Why you don't inform your host
    Of your undesirable visit

    Why do you stealthily sneak in to plant pains
    And wait at a distance to fan your flames
    Of unstoppable pains.

    I ask you why you can't come out of your shadow
    And unveil your head that has been buried beneath mask...

    If only you can leave your shell,
    The weakest of us would've stolen your strength

    But NO!
    you are still unique
    With goodness in your message of doom
    That one day, òyèkú ò ní lè ye ikú