• lee_writes 50w

    Expressing my love!

    I don't know how to "express" my love towards you,
    But I'm trying to express my heart for you!

    Because there are many beautiful things in this world,
    That we cant "express" these all with our words!

    From shining sun to sleeping moon ; a complete day,
    A beautiful day is really beautiful when I'm with you my heart,I don't know how to "express" that day !

    No one express the real beauty of sun which rises towards the east,
    Like that i can't "express" my feelings when you look at me simply my heart beats fast!

    Like a chirping bird express the awesome nature with their songs in the awesome morning,
    I don't know how to "express" my love towards you but I enjoy every word to hear that comes from you in every beautiful morning!

    Like a leaving sun shows his anger towards you with his redness because the sun is missing you,
    I can't "express" my anger when you left me , my heart , my eyes and me .. missing you!

    Animals don't know how to express their love with their loved ones but they know how to show their love,
    Like that I don't know how to "express" my love towards you; but I know how to care you with my love!

    Like a dark night is filled with many stars but it only shines when there is only moon,
    I don't know even though I have many poeple in my dark life but my life only shines when you are with me ; you are my moon.. I can't "express"my feelings towards u my moon!

    I love you is a simple three letter words that every one is using formally to show their love,
    So I don't want to say these words but I want to ask you these four words to share my love with you in my life! "Will you marry me" my dear love ❤