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    We don’t realise it. But the fight for feminism is an everyday struggle even in the first world! How long will we define gender roles!! A simple thing like choice of drink is also defined by the gender!! There are still restaurants where I see the waiter handing over only one menu to a couple. And inevitably this menu is handed to the guy only. Icing on the cake is men, many times order for their lady without even asking! And women assuming the guy is going to pay, is equally ridiculous! The state of affairs is quite saddening. #mirakeewriters #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    As a waiter came to serve
    The couple their drinks
    Red wine and whiskey on the rocks
    It’s the other way round, said the guy

    As the same waiter,
    Handed over their bill
    To the guy
    It’s the other way round,
    said the guy again!