• imnitinvasu 10w

    I don't love you.
    I want to explore you.

    I want to dive deep down into your mind,
    To find out you are person of what kind,

    I want to know all you pain and sarrow,
    I want to be in touch with you,
    Like a ship and Jack Sparrow.

    You are melted version of my heart,
    I am a product, you are a cart,
    I am seeking and seeking for you,
    Just like a bull's eye, seeking for a dart

    I want to remain what I am, I want you to be what you are,
    I don't expect from you that "society wala sadachaar".

    If you would like to, we will take a ride on a bicycle together, not in that cliche car,

    Water is enough for two small fishes to feel the love in a jar.

    ~ Nitin Vasu