• lucy_dsouza 10w

    There's hope

    I know it's hurting love!
    I know you've been trying so hard.
    I know you've been trying to stay strong,
    I know you've been putting up a great fight for so long.
    I know the pain is hurting, I know the heart is numb.
    Nothing makes sense as of now and the mind has fallen numb.
    I know the thoughts you've not been able to avoid for a while now,
    I know you've been trying to find your escape somehow.
    The more you try and avoid the hurt love,
    The more the pain will endure.
    So try accepting the worst parts of your life love set away the fear.
    Try accepting that's what life has always been about.
    Be grateful for the bad parts too cause they help you differentiate the good from the bad,
    Feel a bit of everything and it's okay to be sad.
    And after all of this my love,
    Know that you'll be just fine,
    Things always fall in place at the right time.
    You'll heal you'll grow and everything will someday a dream divine.
    Until then my love keep trying,
    Don't give up before the miracle is finally meant to be.