• vineethnallakadi 6w


    A constant thought lingering in my head which measures the possibility of its occurrence at any given moment as everyone lives without having a clue of how fragile it is,

    A constant realisation which keeps me sober from all the futile illusions of life which hold no importance in the end,

    A thought of it which gives me a reason to live a fulfilled and content life,

    The contemplation of the possibility of it, which gives me a reason and urges me to have a deliberate, willful and free existence,

    A constant and consistent thought which gives me a ground of stability to anchor a meaningful existence,

    Neither do I seek it wilfully, nor do I shun the possibility of it,

    End of existence or maybe just a possibility of entering a higher consciousness,

    But it is there. The possibility of it is the only constant,

    It gives me gratitude for what I have….an extra day, an extra second, an extra breath….

    It is ‘DEATH’.