• chidera 45w

    Love your parents. If you can't, honour them. You really don't know how much parenting cost or feels till you're one.

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    There was a time
    We saw our parents
    As perfect people
    And we'd boast
    To the other about
    How awesome they were
    While licking lollipop

    Till the time
    The curtains dropped
    And the mask couldn't
    Hold anymore
    And we saw things that
    We could not believe
    Until we've gotten used to them
    That we expect it while we hate it.

    I think sometimes,
    We all like to go back
    To that time when we did
    To love them with no grudge
    But we love them true now
    Because we've learnt to see
    Them, just for what they are
    Two imperfect people trying.

    - C.N.