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    When we miss beloved ones , these kinds of feeling arousing inside us. We start understanding the lyrics rather than songs . @void_soul, @p_r_a_d_y,@bipul_143, @__vishal__,@pruthava,@triptichadha, @ni89gale @sanskritii ,@rishav474 , @we_support

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    Remember me

    I was pondering not to be in your thoughts,
    I kept on holding patience.

    The best days we spent together ,
    Those fights for same food , watching movies together , Playing together .

    Those happiness in little things ,
    You make me smile even in silly things.

    Oh! I miss those days ,
    I miss being with you .
    I wish I was with you .

    Oh! I wish I was not pondering about you ,
    Every song is a reminder of you.

    Now, every lyrics has it's own story of love.
    I wish we were like two waves together,never apart together.

    With all my heart , It's a tale of princess to her charming prince your are moon of my life .

    Oh! I miss you so much more than anything .
    I wish you always remember me .