• rufusjoseph 9w

    Words never spoken..
    Voices never before heard..
    Thoughts never conceived..
    Things never made..
    Beyond imaginations..
    Lie these things deep within so many To be awakened..

    But complacency, ignorance, fear and a host of others too numerous to mention, Has kept so many indigent, mediocre, inept, forlorn, and even in aeons of melancholy..

    Where as legends, idols, heroes, icons that were envied, loved and worshipped has the Awakening and developed use of the fore mentioned made so many..

    All you do is wish and pray most times.. Why disturb God?
    While all you need do is recognize, decide and work to bring to limelight your innate abilities given to you by God..
    #Maximumuseofpotentials.. #Makeadifference..