• regina_noir 20w

    The Argument Between Heart and Mind

    Decisions are what define us. not our capabilities or not what we could've possibly done, rather what we choose makes us who we are.

    all of us are a result of choices made in past. they might be wrong/right... people often go asking what went wrong?
    i personally believe, nothing is wrong nor right. it's all about perception. and again one decision which might turn out to be a great success for one, be the reason for someone's failure. so, now comes the point of making decisions....

    most of us find ourselves in middle of nowhere while making choices. because for someone who does too much brainstorming, it feels that there's pros and cons to each and everything,and it's all about what you're ready to struggle for.

    in such situations we acknowledge that we do have a brain and a heart. That doesn't in any way mean that your heart is doing the real thinking.. cause of course it got more important functions to carry out. it just expresses the sensitive, emotional facade of ours. something which soothes us, gives us the feeling of being at home, will be wanted by our heart; whence it's nothing but just a part of our brain which is wired to follow passion and fantasies.

    on the different lot, our brain (mind) takes a far more realistic and practical approach in life. it is wired in a way, so as to outperform others, and be put up on the highest pedestal. it doesn't really consider comfort and passion of a being, rather it works on the final outcome which should.. i don't know why..but somewhat be in accordance with how the masses define success.

    and when you're stuck in such a dilemma, you actually have no way out. especially when you know that you don't want to regret your decision and also want to be the sole bearer of its aftermaths .. be it good or bad!
    also when you're someone with high self belief and really inspired to overcome any obstacle and wired to make the impossible possible, so you're unable to choose between the two bests.

    in such a condition, wherein an internal war is waged between your mind and heart.. when you're being pulled by both the sides and you go nuts.. just trust your instincts and do what suits you. make a choice you won't regret. choose the path on which you are willing to walk on all by yourself!

    just remember.. sometimes the only way out is the way through...