• lisastewart 10w


    Her smile bright like sunshine kissing the snow
    Her laughter a song heard amongst the trees
    Compassion that healed all pain
    Her soul's vibration like a calming breeze
    I feel she's becoming different today
    Energy wrong, something is not right
    As if she'd changed her colors, are they fading
    As if she's losing her light
    Shadows uninvited have shown their faces
    The demons she had hidden came out to play
    A suffocating wind now fills the air
    A darkness has been awoken today
    Now hiding behind a mask which covers who she was
    She speaks with a tone of pain and heartache
    It must be evil, it cannot be
    A heaviness she just can't shake
    Transformation regretfully transpired
    A beautiful energy lost deep in the dark
    A soul meant to do so much for this world
    A souls ending before it could even really start