• mahamagz00 24w

    I wanna be the roots of your flowers,
    Wanna be the first man to discover your womanliness,
    I wanna be like an ice cream.... melting totally out of your love,
    I want that freezing sensation when you look into my eyes,
    I want that intoxicating fragrance of yours to always surround me,
    I wanna be the shadow of your feet.....
    I wanna be the rain in your summer and sunshine during your monsoon,
    I want me to know all your needs and feelings thoroughly just from the sound of your breath....
    I want you to loose your shyness when my breath touches your soul,
    I wanna be the person born only for you,
    I wanna be that person to protect you,
    I wanna be that lucky charm to hold your hands foreva.....
    Will you stay in my 4 chambered red house built for you???