• denisealtuner 10w

    This is a poem i wrote for the campain “Thirst”.
    Hopefully they’ll like it.( Im a beginner at poem writing please don’t judge.)

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    I Say Thirst

    I want to do something
    Something thats not yet learned
    But ı know if ı keep going
    Their life will be turned

    To the opposite if you know what im talking about
    I wanna live without having any doubt
    I don’t wanna see any dehydrated mouth

    The deficiency must be resolved
    So that the world can be revolved
    Thousanths of stars that can make a difference
    Why not awaken them, to make action for the brilliance

    I say Thirst
    To protect our planet form the worst
    They’ll put our needs as their first
    Everything will be reversed