• 11past_midnight 5w

    Give me your hand

    Give me your hand,
    bind me by the threads of holy matrimony
    forever reside in the dormitory of my heart
    bond your breath with mine
    to cherish this lifetime.
    Give me your hand,
    and give me an invisible power to live merrily
    give me the courage to wander the ends of this transcendent Earth,
    grow me wings to sore higher
    than the cerulean sky.
    Give me your hand,
    I'll stay up to dance ecstatically through the nights
    and I'll sing even past the music becomes archaic.
    Just give me your hand,
    to drift in a magical paradise
    that's wholesomely ours,
    by your side,till the sun dies.
    Give me your hand,
    May our spirits forever be
    one in infinite lifetimes