• poemsbysamiya 9w

    Gloomy Days

    Gloomy days,
    No easy ways;
    How to console myself from these hard lines phase!
    I drag myself to the balcony,
    Where there’s no one to criticise my melancholy!
    Looked up in the sky,
    To search for a solution I’m passing by.
    But, the nights are not pacing;
    Making my bad dreams more tracing.
    The moon hits me up,
    And convinces not to give up!
    I stand for hours,
    Glaring at the stars.
    Twinkling stars and the shining moon;
    Gives me a sign of an optimistic indication.
    But, the dark sky,
    And the trees so high;
    Confesses me the hard lines I’m passing by!