• afamiliarvoice 9w

    The room.

    I always find myself inside your room.
    But my mind is locked always outside the door.
    Your possessions are here for me to claim.
    Should I post all your work, and keep them in a frame?
    So everyone would know you, and I could speak your tale?
    I question myself if I should just throw it all away.
    Or burn them all to a roast, and give my last farewell.
    I've been also thinking about putting this house up for sale.
    Start over, to try to move on again, and again each day.
    But both questions, and answer's seem soo I'll-defined and vague.
    Kind of like holding you in my arm's when I begged you to stay.
    As you closed your eyes, breathing your last suffocating breath away.
    Whether to open your eyes and try to wake you up, with a "hey!".
    Or to keep them closed, and curse God again.
    And again.
    And again.
    And again.
    Yes. I know it's a sin.
    To curse my God from within.
    But you could have just taken my, flesh and skin.
    To cast him out, and challenge him, so I felt like I'd win.
    Because to me there is no end.
    A unforgettable statement, that will never end.
    Praying with promises, and devotion, with a AMEN.
    Just remember we'll have to see each other.
    And I cant wait for redemption.
    It's only soo far away.