• _poetandididntknowit_ 5w

    Open your eyes!

    Brought up on lies, look up to the skies;
    Walls covered in flies, they could all be spies.

    They televise, they terrorise, they tranquilise and they traumatize.
    They econamise, they monopolize, they politicise and they industrislise.
    We customise, we compramise, we colonise and we criticise.
    We improvise, we formalise, we fraternise and we fantasize.

    We need to break free; we need to open our eyes, we need to take a step back, we need to stop listening to the lies.
    Its been with us from the start, it may come by suprise, we need to build an army, we need to regroup with our sacred allies.

    When we all realise, that illegitamate enterprise is their one and only prize; we can uprise, escape the lies and escape demise.
    We can imprison those flies, like they imprisoned our lives, we can neutralise the spies, say goodbye to industrial enterprise.
    We could revolutionise and memorise, all they've done is brutalise and pulverise.

    All you've got to do open your eyes, ignor the lies, realise and visualise.

    A. D