• itiolavictor 10w


    A declining health
    A broken heart
    Partner bedridden from an accident

    Yet she stood still
    In her faithfulness
    To the One who sees all things

    Mocked for serving someone
    Who allowed such a tragedy
    Prayed for the strength

    To survive this burden
    Each blessed day
    Of a pained and sorrowful life

    When it was time
    For her pains to be bygone
    And her heart be made merry

    A powerful intervention
    A touch was all that was needed
    The hand of God

    Her hubby recovered mysteriously
    Her health, thought to be declining
    Started picking momentum

    Her dying heart was rejuvenated
    Her finances rose from the ashes
    Like a Phoenix arising from the ashes

    Her debts she cleared
    What she lost
    Returned in hundred folds

    Like the biblical Job
    Her estates were multiplied
    And her story
    Became an inspiration to many