• jaydmarvin 9w

    And Darling..
    Here I am weaving
    the words of my heart.!

    Last night I had a dream that
    You and I were going out
    on a long walk over a calloused street.

    It was a fine autumn evening
    Down the streets,
    children were playing

    The Sun was about to set
    so the entire world
    was about to take a rest.

    But we crossed half a mile
    With our heart full of smiles.
    And felt not tired, but why didn't we?

    Right after I asked
    How do you felt this long walk
    over these busy streets?

    I saw cheers on your face
    With a wide smile on your lips,
    Saying J, I Love you- and
    This is the best evening of my life.

    That moment
    I felt this autumn evening
    turned to be a beautiful Spring.

    But I already knew
    The love In you over me
    would surely flow out of your heart.

    And this Beautiful Love
    made me to finish
    this poetry of my heart.!