• juidaskona 9w

    Sometimes happiness doesn't lie in doing for others being over kindly but sometimes happiness lies in love only yourself, care yourself and give yourself first priority..The time you will feel that always you help everyone in their bad times but in your bad times you don't get help from anyone except criticism, People always get benefit from your kindness but when it comes to you for getting help, they leave you, The times you will feel that people loot everything from you by using your kindness, the day will be your last day to stop thinking about others and give yourself only priority..Its good to kind but every time you need to give yourself love, priority, care..You need to keep your need ahead than other..Otherwise people will loot your everything by deceit by taking advantage of your kindness..Now a days people think good hearted people as their servant as using their kindness to collect benefit..So sometime Its better to become selfish, Sometimes forget everyone and only focus on your needs before others..