• rickosuave 11w

    Poetry The Majestic Graffiti

    The writings on the wall in colored sprayed letters three feet tall & there for all to see
    But the problem is?...Is it art or is it just graffiti..

    On the banks of the river,On the side of a train,
    On a derelict building & though some like to complain

    “Vandalism!” Well that's what people In the public domained to say,but some people sees it as “Coloured writings!” In the dog-eared terrain!

    So certain artist might think..What’s it worth or What’s it for and some sees it as a Well painted by the Banks a kings ransom for sure

    Some grafitti arts have good taste and some are just a waste of time to actually see
    No, bro-ski? There’s a lot to this graffiti art but what are you trying to say or is it jus a message or something...

    Some like to be sneaking out of the rush-hour routine and do grafitti memories often
    Some squiggle upon the walls in the language of vexing imperfection and monograms on walls with rhymes and reasons some that scream silently the pounding percussion of the heartful soul. Some feel the muscles in the art of grafitti art pumping blood wilder when the paintbrush or spray paint runs reckless and overdrive.

    Some do graffiti arts of empty praises
    dripping from the veins of to the brains of
    littered words and imaginations, some
    spray painted tantrums parade in jagged lines and circles, paradoxical dichotomy &
    camouflage the truth in smoky rancor
    mentioning thousands of lonely of yesterdays arts..

    I guess,the muse won’t be amused
    seeing the majestic spray artist leaning against the walls trying to
    figuring out whats the next graffiti gonna be done & the skitters across the untamed imaginations to the walls, buildings or trains.