• joseywhales78 5w

    what we say to my female spitting his rhymes giving fuck what they say your nigga what you want to do this is real shoes listen my mother fucking name cocaine get the fuck how you snort me man don't you understand i be the pain get the fuck about your fucking man you can rock me up in fucking what put it baking soda all up in this shit cuz the fuck when you stir your hand don't you understand get your ass whipped real mother fucking talk i'll be boring but motherfucker snore on this ass like they was fucking catching these kids a fuck about your ass like to win fucking catch the trees it gives a fuck about your ass punk bitch this is real mother fucking shit from a lip get a fuck about your mother fucker what don't you understand i will dip your fucking face all up in pavement like shit scrape the ground with your lips and some shit don't you want to send you ain't hitting this motherfucker was this pussy lip kiss a fuck about how you feel this is real fucking talk on the real you ain't got no dick for free now i don't even give a fuck because i ain't paying money for your dick don't you know you ain't nothing but a slut call you a motherfucking sir change don't you understand we arranged your mother fucking so call so call so call so call mother fucking bang don't you want to stand come get back don't get the fuck how you stack we make money fucking attitude fuck these men all up in this world where the shitty attitude gives a fuck about this motherfuckers and we be rude this is a woman's fucking perspective so we be fucking rude and you can still treat us like a dude but we be cruel don't you understand the finger waves all up in my hair man you don't pay for my weave you don't pay for shit you don't pay for my red bottom sneaker fuck you bitch they sneakers motherfucker they high heels i click them with a shitty attitude lick you in your fucking face and be fucking what rude