• valeano_wyblre 23w

    Change is welcomed but thoughts are not
    Initiation is hoped , yet pushed aside
    People believe in pole stars but astray fears
    Humanity , the inevitable
    Though no care 'bout the conglomerates;
    Fantasy is loved and reality sucks
    Good deeds are said to mark you , Karma ;
    But treated worthless to follow
    Real is sin , Fake is celebrated ;
    Talks fly about living but life is heading...
    In a world where people actually struggle for not the things they ought to ;
    We are living in a world full of illusions !!
    I ain't a contortionist and my life is not a contortion ,
    Why should I have to pretend as if I live , when I actually have to live !!!

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    I ain't a contortionist
    My life is not a contortion