• craigswilson 23w

    Pondering Of Relationships

    No matter how we imagine, or how strong we may dream; things are hardly ever what they seem! You can be dreaming about a new car, house, or a lover; now once you receive those things it's never as good as it looks on the cover!
    Something seems to be amiss, I'm attempting to address the issue; to separate the real from the supperficial.
    To find the balance, to put the pieces together; to make things work in a way that will last forever!
    At the least as long as it is supposed to; to better understand the things that we all go through!
    I do not want to get involved in another relationship that will not last;
    sometimes I just do nothing at all, to keep from making any of the mistakes of the past.
    I have to admit that I am blind and can not see when it comes to love and relationship;
    if you and the other person don't connect, there's no use in trying to make them fit!
    I would rather spare myself and the other person any unnecessary discomfort before I allow myself to get caught up in something that is just not right; two people trying to walk in a potato sack, and every step of the way all they do is fight.
    I see relationship kind of like that;
    trying to walk together in a potato sack.
    You need someone who you can walk together with in the potato sack where you both can find how to make it work
    out for the two of you; and yes it does take communication through the navigation and at the same time both must be true.
    You don't have to tell everything about yourself all at one time; a little here and a little there will be just fine.
    Just be clear about who you are and what it is that you actually expect from the other person; if you are both up front with it there will be no need for the fussing and the cussing!