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    Happy Children's Day

    If I have missed anything you can tell me.

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    Those were the days

    - Kicking stones while walking on the road
    - Going to temple just for prasadam
    - Faking as ill to bunk the class
    - Giving two chocolates to the best friend on birthday
    - Lying that you had written the homework but forget to bring when you have not written them
    - Buying the best cartoon labels for the books
    - Making paper boats when it's raining
    - Preserving the chocolate wrappers
    - Keeping peacock feathers in the book
    - Collecting the pics of favorite actor/cartoon character
    - Requesting God to stop raining during PE class
    - Bunking class in the name of sports or dance practice
    - Inscription on the desks and walls
    - Counting the lines to predict which part you have to read
    - Completing the homework at the last moment
    - Keeping the notes in the middle while collecting it for correction
    - Pretending to be fatigue during assembly
    - Having lunch during class so that you can play in lunch break
    - Forging parents sign when you get less marks

    Those were the days which makes you happy
    Those were the days which are never going to be back
    Those were the days which we miss the most
    Those were the days which we cannot forget
    Those were the days which remains in our heart forever.