• dexian 10w


    Attachment a word for something,
    Asking and waiting but got nothing,
    In the nearside I want you,
    Reality slap my face that it will not come true.

    Walking alone in a dark street,
    Hoping along the way you will be meet,
    Positivity popped up in my mind,
    But staring at you with someone I want to be blind.

    Intonation describe where to low and make voice high,
    Am hopeless, overload and tired, you are full of lies,
    Someone tease me, If it is for you, dont worry,
    For the sake of my feelings I will find remedy.

    Im full of sorrows, I want to be a sparrow,
    That can fly and soar high that are not narrow,
    I dont need anesthesia for my pain,
    I need someone where I can lean,