• danny_oct 10w


    I can be, I can be, the one from your sweetest dreams.
    All you gotta do is believe.
    I’ll be by your side when you wake up

    We both know what we’re looking for.
    No need to think twice.
    Because no matter what,
    We’ll be on each other’s minds.
    And it’s you that I want more.

    You’re the one, you’re the one, the only one I see.
    Selfish, I want you to myself.
    Oh there’s nobody else.

    But there’s no need to rush.
    We can always do overtime.
    Until we find how we really feel,
    And I know it’s real.
    There’s much to uncover.
    Because we’re lost lovers.

    Live in the moment, live in moment.
    Girl we can hold it, as long as we want.
    Just give me your hand, and we won’t fall out.