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    Periods are the most common thing for a woman to go through her entire life but i don't know why she is cursed because of a thing which is responsible for a new birth.

    They do feel cramps because of which sometimes they are not able to work and if you give them a holiday from work because of that then that's fine but stopping them from touching people, visiting temple, calling them impure, etc all are just idiotic thoughts.

    Its time that everybody reads this and understand that there is a requirement for change.

    I expect that at least my every reader will change their mentality towards that and won't treat their sister and wife in the same way.

    I didn't mention mom, because she too believes the same and she won't understand your thought so it's better to apply to the people of your generation.

    And i was also inspired to write this few lines after listening to Wo Saat Din by Faizan. He has beautifully written those poem on the same topic.

    English Translation:
    A spill of blood
    And i turned into a human dirt
    Why do we need such rules
    Which keeps me away from my god.
    Your comments?

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    Ek boond khoon ki
    Jo kise napak bana de

    Kya zaroorat hai aise asool ki
    Jo kise khuda se juda karaa de