• fnrptry 5w


    You were one of my favourite persons alive
    Now you're gone you're my favourite star in the sky
    Know it's you 'cause you shine even brighter than sun
    Now I just wait for you to appear every night

    Hope the moon treats you well
    Hope the sky is not too cold
    Hope that you guide my way
    When I can't find my home

    Ever since you left
    I've been unsuccessful
    In summarizing
    What you meant for me

    Words feel empty
    My house feels empty
    My soul feels empty
    I've lost part of myself

    But I'm still waiting
    For you to come back
    To hug me and tell me
    That everything's going to be fine

    Your memories make wanna cry
    But you told me I had a precious smile
    And that I shouldn't spend time hiding it
    Behind things I can't change

    I'm smiling for you
    Because of you
    But unfortunately
    Not with you

    I should've hugged you harder
    When I had the chance
    Just took for granted
    That I'll be able to do it again

    I see you in every movie
    I find you in every song
    I keep you safe in my gallery
    I keep you alive in my heart

    It was you who made me realize
    That I had a heart
    Not only a broken one
    But also one with which I can love

    Never said thank you
    Because I thought you'd always be here
    To teach me something new
    My inner me had no clue

    So I know say thank you
    You're incredible
    You're indescribable
    You're undeniable