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    December 31, new year night
    Party was on its top light
    I was busy in my own world
    Unaware that I would get my whole world
    Jan 15 he asked for friendship
    Never thought it would be my relationship
    Jan 16 the most shocking day
    Just met and were supposed to be away
    Started talking on phone
    With time a new relation was born
    Difficult to spend a day without each other
    Started missing him in rainy weather
    Feb 4 my birthday
    He was not here but wasn't even away
    One day I heard horn of the car
    Got the sign he was not so far
    Friendship got more stronger
    Promised to be together for longer
    March 15 the breakup and the purpose day
    All my happiness in a moment flew away
    Still it was the best video call proposal
    To which there was never a refusal
    Was hurt deep inside my heart
    Because we were getting apart
    Time passed problems solved
    A new surprise was being evolved
    April 17 best day of life time
    He promised to stay always mine
    Though we don't talk everyday
    But our heart are not a millimeter away
    June 7 situations got more worst
    The bubble of this relationship burst
    We still love each other the issue was family
    We had to sacrifice our love melancholy
    How will we survive I don't no
    We overcome it i hope so.
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