• amajing 5w

    When you must get married..

    My friend, you have to know some things..
    Before you try to get married..

    At the beginning, everything will look like a dream..
    She'll look beautiful, she literally beams...
    Her snore sounds like a song,
    Her face looks like an art..

    But as you go, you'll see her messy head in the morning..
    And how ugly she looks when she cries..
    She keeps on nagging, and won't appreciate you for the small things you do as she used to

    Everything in her looks like a flaw..
    The things you like in her, won't be so beautiful as you've imagined..

    I'm going to ask you a question, would like to take her even if you find her ugly?

    If the answer is yes, then go on friend.. You are matured enough to get married..